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Elysian Revel is a project conceived and directed by Joseph Mastantuono,
edited by Samara Metzler & produced by Sammy Stone.
It is being produced in association with The LARP CO-OP

Additional Staff will be announced at a later date.

Joseph Mastantuono

Joseph Mastantuono (He/Him) has been an avid larper for over a decade. He has facilitated for Project Ascension, Drachenfest US, and Velvet Noir. He's written and run several smaller scale LARPs, and this is his first large project as director.


When Joseph isn't involved in LARP's he produces independent films.

His first film as a producer As You Are won the Special Jury Prize at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and his latest film Our Father, The Devil, premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for Best Feature Film at the 2023 Independent Spirit Awards, and hit theatres in August. He also teaches post production & color grading for film at NYU.

Sammy Stone

Sammy Stone (They/Them) is a pioneer in bringing emergent LARP to the mid-Atlantic region and is a founding member of the LARP CO-OP, an organization dedicated to growing LARP in the North American Region.


Sammy's credits include but are not limited to co-writing and producing the night-market festival game Twilight's Oasis, acting as a producer, designer and faction lead for Malleus LARP, directing the Dark Ages fantasy game Dammerung, and producing well over a dozen boutique larp experiences across the mid atlantic. Sammy is also the operations director and on the board of directors for Drachenfest US.


As a consultant working in the field of organizational psychology and development, their focus is on creating pro social behaviors and incentivizing action through thoughtful and careful design. Streamlining access to larp experiences and helping individuals unlock their inner story teller is not only their passion, it is everything they strive for in these spaces and it is their greatest hope and dearest wish to one day become obsolete.

Samara Metzler
Editor & Lead Facilitator

Samara Metzler (She/Her) is a New England-based performance artist, event producer, educator and gamerunner who has been helping make LARPs happen across the Northeast since 2008. Her creative credits include Alliance LARP New Hampshire, Velvet Noir, Changeling: Waking Dreams, Project Ascension X, Drachenfest US, Concord Olympus and many smaller games in varying formats.


Samara holds a Bachelor's in Theatre Arts and a Master's in Theatre Education, and has been fortunate enough to channel her background into a career in arts education administration. Independently, she studies Jewish history and folklore and Middle Eastern dance.


She is also the founder and leader of Chavurah Hineinu, a nondenominational virtual home for nerdy, alternative Jews. An accomplished variety show MC and recently minted wedding officiant, she uses her public speaking skills to never shut up about her cats.


Written and Designed by Joseph Mastantuono
Edited by Samara Metzler

Photos by Kevin Nystrom & Joseph Mastantuono
Additional Editing by Sammy Stone & Ashe Cavey

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